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The Clean soak tank services program offers the best piece of equipment for maintaining your kitchen free from deep grease and carbon.

Using the latest soak tank technologies, it reduces labor expenses for all commercial kitchens and extends the life of your kitchen utensils, such as Fryer Baskets, Hood Filter, Pots & Pans and more.

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Our consistent, transparent and standardized procedures are shown through our image reports; A complete and validated report documenting our work through photographic inspections before and after.

In addition to complying with all federal, state and local laws, our services are designed to exceed the standards related to NFPA 96, ANSI IKECA C10, insurance companies, fire inspectors and health inspectors.

We offer a variety of professional cleaning and preventive maintenance services for the food service industry and more.

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Quality solutions you can trust, we are here to provide services you can trust.

Tank Cleaning

It is the heating soaking tank is the latest in technology, it is used in commercial kitchens and bakeries to clean carbon accumulation and F.O.G. (Greases, oils and fats) equipment that includes aluminum baking trays, bell filters, baking racks, mats and more

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Cleaning of Exhaust Hood

If your extractor hood is not doing its job, it can be difficult to know because many vapors are invisible to the naked eye, we use a system with the latest technology that allows us to see many of the vapors and other flammable particles that can be extremely dangerous.

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Commercial Ovens

We can help your restaurant maintain a high star rating. We offer an integral cleaning service of ovens with conveyor belt for the main restaurants, pizza chains and owner / operated pizza shops, We have a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and a timely service.

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At MG Power Clean Solutions we have a high level of commitment and excellent cleaning work.

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