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Group One, a family owned insurance agency established since 2005 and located in Miami, Florida, we specialize in Life and Health Insurance of all types while representing the top carriers across the country. Customized insurance products specifically designed to fit your needs is the only way to find the best plan for you. We understand everyone is different so we make sure your new policy will always be exactly what you need.

Life insurance is a unique product unlike no other and getting accurate information and realizing how it can benefit someone’s life is vital for making any important choice. Retirement for a brighter future, mortgage protection for securing that beautiful new home or taking care of elderly family members, life insurance provides a special gift of love to your family in terms of financial protection if a family member were to unexpectedly pass away.

Our Health insurance options will have all the products anyone is looking for so each client needs are met. Seeing a new sunrise to begin the day and having the confidence in knowing that you are right where you need to be. At Group One, we have the answer to your questions. Plans involving Obamacare and off-exchange plans, short term health, international health, vision and dental, Group One is here to find what you are looking for.

«Our Speak to our licensed agents regarding any of our insurance options with the confidence of knowing you are in good hands.»